Streamlining and new framework to prioritise training package development

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In response to a direction from Skills Ministers, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has agreed to delete 975 units of competency and 46 qualifications identified as having zero enrolments over the past three years. The training products will be deleted from the national register by mid-February 2021.   

These changes will make a significant contribution to the objective of skills ministers to reduce the complexity of the training system and improve accessibility for employers and students. 

It is important to note that once updated with a ‘deleted’ status, these products will still be accessible on as a reference point for industry. A new process will also be established to re-instate deleted training products should these later be identified as required for enrolment purposes or where valid reasons are provided for their retention. Industry Reference Committees will also be able to request to reinstate deleted training products through the Case for Change and Case for Endorsement process.

Further to these immediate actions to declutter the national training system, the AISC has agreed to implement a new framework to prioritise training package development. A number of systemic changes will embed the streamlining and rationalisation agenda into training product commissioning, development and endorsement processes.

The changes are designed to ensure quality training products are delivered within accelerated timeframes, and that the rationalisation of training products is a key consideration throughout project processes. For more information, please see the updated Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy.

The latest version of the qualifications and units of competency to be deleted is available on the AISC website here