New training products to support critical skills for recovery

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The AISC Emergency Response Sub-Committee (Sub-Committee) has now endorsed five new skill sets and a new resource for the ICT sector to support displaced workers to transition into new employment opportunities and enable small business to quickly gain the skills they need to adapt to the changing economic landscape.

The new skill sets are available on for RTO delivery and include:

Digital Skills for Small Business
This skill set comprises four existing units and has been designed for those working in small businesses in any industry who require the skills and knowledge to transform and transition their business models so that they can operate in an online context. The skill set is housed in the Information and Communication Technology Training Package.   

Entry into Technology
This skill set comprises four existing units of competency and covers key areas of ICT. It has been designed to provide a pathway for learners to pursue a range of non-specialised ICT job roles, or undertake additional training for a more specialised ICT job role. The skill set is housed in the Information and Communication Technology Training Package.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operator Induction Skill Set
This skill set provides an entry-level pathway into the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Comprising four existing units, this skill sets covers health and safety requirements, pharmaceutical production processes, work procedures and working in a controlled environment. The skill set is housed in the FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package.

Deliver E-Learning Skill Set
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there was significant disruption to the delivery of training with the need to rapidly shift to online or blended learning delivery.

This skill set has been developed by combining two existing TAE Training and Education Training Package units of competency. It will address the rapid need for upskilling among learning organisations in light of COVID-19 through assisting VET teachers and trainers to deliver in online and remote learning environments.

Manage disrespectful, aggressive or abusive customers
This skill set includes a new cross sectoral unit of competency and has been developed to support front line workers in customer service roles with the skills and knowledge they need to better manage interactions with disrespectful and aggressive customers. The skill set is housed in the Retail Services Training Package. 

To complement this skill set, a range of industry contextualisation guides have been developed which include: 

Skill sets developed by the Sub-Committee may be eligible for funding through the JobTrainer Fund, along with other skill sets endorsed by the Sub-Committee. Please contact the relevant state training authority to determine arrangements in your state.

ICT Interpretation Guide for Cyber Security and Cloud Computing
The Sub-Committee has also endorsed an ICT Interpretation Guide for Cyber Security and Cloud Computing to assist RTOs to deliver five of the nine new skill sets endorsed by Skills Ministers on 14 July 2020: 

  • ICTSS00099 Cloud Design and Configuration Skill Set
  • ICTSS00100 Cloud Implementation and Maintenance Skill Set
  • ICTSS00101 Cyber Incident Response Skill Set
  • ICTSS00102 Cyber Incident Threat Detection and Prevention Skill Set
  • ICTSS00103 Cyber Security Strategy and Governance Skill Set

The Guide provides guidance for creating course content and assessment plans and is now available here.