New approach to Cases for Change

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At the 22 June 2021 meeting, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) agreed to additional parameters for commissioning new training product work between now and the end of 2022. These are designed to provide a consistent approach to guide project approvals, and ensure that stages of each project are realistically planned and documented to enable the work to be completed before the new industry engagement arrangements come into effect, or that it is at a satisfactory stage for transition to occur.

In addition to the usual assessment criteria for cases for change, the AISC will also have regard to: 

  • Evidence that the project is able to be completed by December 2022. To support this, new cases for change are to be accompanied by a detailed project plan.
  • The capacity of the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and Skills Service Organisation (SSO) (taking into account any existing projects) to meet the scheduled timeframes in the project plan.
  • If a project is of critical importance and cannot reasonably be completed by December 2022, that it can be completed up to a point that allows for an efficient transition of the project to a new Industry Cluster.

The approach to managing training product proposals will need to adapt further once the Transition Advisory Group has completed its work and prepared advice on implementation arrangements for consideration by Skills Ministers.

The AISC noted a more detailed proposal for managing training product proposals will be developed for discussion in the coming months. In the meantime, IRCs should direct any questions or requests for further information on training package development work to SSOs in the first instance.