National Industry Insights Report

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The AISC’s National Industry Insights Report (NIIR) presents a customised analysis of Australian labour market data on skills needs, training patterns, and economic and employment trends. 

It brings together this data, along with grassroots industry intelligence and other literature to assist Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in the design and development of training packages that meet industry needs, now and into the future.

The NIIR is divided into two main sections: 

  • The National Skills Overview provides a high-level picture of skills requirements in Australia, across all industries. This includes a framework of high-priority skills in demand, a breakdown of key factors and trends driving this demand, and a summary of key initiatives and training package development projects in place to address skills needs.
  • The industry pages break this information down, sector by sector, providing easy-to-access industry-specific data and analysis on training patterns and employment trends, as well as an examination of industry literature and forecasts which identify the skills in highest demand over the coming years.

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) developed this dynamic web-based resource in consultation with the AISC, IRCs, Skills Service Organisations and other industry stakeholders to provide a strong and consolidated evidence base across all IRCs and to inform the work and decision-making of the AISC.

NCVER continues to work collaboratively with the AISC and other parties to ensure that the NIIR is user-friendly, easy to navigate, engaging and accessible for all users, enabling them to identify skills and training-related trends, opportunities, needs, and risks in Australia. The data and information contained in the NIIR is refined and updated every year to ensure it remains useful and relevant, with the 2020-21 update period about to commence.

The industry pages will be updated first, with updates staggered into three main content releases over the next six months. After that this information will be used to update the National Skills Overview, which will occur early in 2021.

For more detailed information on which industry pages are being updated and when, visit @NCVER on Twitter.