Meeting of industry leaders

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Effective engagement with industry was a major talking point when Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Chairs and Deputy Chairs met in Melbourne on 21 February 2018.

Industry leaders, representing various industry sectors across the economy, shared their experiences on capacity building and empowering the leadership of IRCs. They discussed how to more effectively engage with industry, drive high performance, and practise evidence based decision making to develop a strong data evidence base. Evidence based research and decision making is vital when considering future industry skills and developing nationally recognised training.

The meeting also covered two important policy reforms –  unduly short courses in the VET sector and training product reform. These reforms focus on ensuring students and employers receive high quality training that is responsive to the needs of industry and conducive to employment opportunities for individuals.

Discussion papers on these reforms have been released and can be viewed on the Department of Education and Training website. Current public consultations can also be accessed on the Department of Education and Training website.