Impact of COVID-19 on Transport Industry: National Industry Insights Report

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The 2020-21 update period for the Australian Industry and Skills Committee’s (AISC) National Industry Insights Report (NIIR) is underway. Some industry cluster pages now offer data and information on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Transport Industry cluster page offers a detailed analysis of information provided by government, industry advisory bodies and associations that indicates this industry was strongly affected by COVID-19.

This was particularly the case in Victoria where Stage 4 restrictions put in place from 3 August 2020 severely limited people’s movement. This impacted many parts of the industry, including warehousing operations, public transport and supply chain operations.

With Australia closing its border to non-citizens/residents on 20 March 2020, our Aviation Industry was hugely impacted. Transport and logistics were also impacted by a range of internal state and territory border restrictions, which were often varied at short notice to accommodate rapid changes within each jurisdiction.

Some sectors or sub-sectors of the Transport Industry were classified as an essential service, which allowed their operations to continue. However, all have been challenged by policy decisions, consumer demand and supply issues.

Learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 on specific transport industry sectors such as aviation, maritime, rail, and transport and logistics, by visiting the Transport Industry cluster page on the National Industry Insights Report website.


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