Developing Australia's Hydrogen Workforce

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In June 2021 the Australian Industry and Skills Committee Secretariat commissioned PwC’s Skills for Australia to research and analyse the expected workforce and skills needs in order to gain a better understanding of the skills and capabilities required to support Australia’s emerging Hydrogen industry. The Developing Australia’s Hydrogen Workforce report provides some early analysis and evidence on emerging job roles, and the skills and training needed to support a safe and effective hydrogen economy in Australia across six key supply chain areas including; production; storage; transport and distribution; export; hydrogen as a transport fuel; and blending hydrogen into gas networks. The Report is intended to be a resource to inform future work on the workforce development requirements for the Australian Hydrogen Industry.

The Report provides information on:

  • identifying the type and number of job roles required across the supply chain
  • determining the hydrogen-specific capabilities (skills and knowledge) these roles will need to work safely and effectively, including whether that job role will need to fundamentally change or be ‘augmented’ to work with hydrogen
  • establishing whether the hydrogen-specific capabilities needed are catered for within the education and training system or whether gaps exist.

The report can be downloaded here.