Communique: Emergency Response Sub-Committee - 10 June 2020

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The ninth meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) Emergency Response Sub‑Committee (the sub-committee) was held on Wednesday 10 June, 2020.

Critical Skills for Economic Recovery

The sub-committee discussed work undertaken on priority areas to meet critical workforce needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and to support economic recovery. The sub-committee discussed a rapid and agile training product approval process to fast-track critical skills related to economic recovery. The sub-committee asked the AISC Secretariat to provide a revised approach with a focus on addressing displaced workers, for consideration at the next meeting.

The sub-committee also approved the updated communications strategy, which was revised to include the expanded remit of the sub-committee to meet critical workforce needs to support economic recovery from COVID-19.

Industry Intelligence on Priority Issues

The sub-committee noted the updated advice from industry and VET stakeholders, received through the AISC and ASQA feedback processes, on current and emerging issues affecting the sector due to COVID-19.

Mandatory Work Placements

The sub-committee discussed issues relating to mandatory work placement requirements in national training products as a result of COVID-19. The sub-committee noted the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and shift towards economic recovery was resulting in students increasingly accessing work placements. The sub-committee agreed to continue to monitor work placement requirements in the context of economic recovery.

Infection Control

The sub-committee noted the progress on developing the cross-sectoral infection control skill set. Stakeholder consultation has already commenced on the new unit, involving IRCs, industry stakeholders as well as state and territory governments.  The unit is scheduled to be available early July.

The sub-committee noted the statement on the implementation of the new infection control skill sets was recently published on the AISC website. 

Next Meeting

The next sub-committee meeting will be held on Thursday 25 June 2020.