Call for nominations: Meat Industry Reference Committee (closed)

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Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) understand the skills needs of their sector, industry or occupation. They advise the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and ensure training products meet the needs of employers, employees, training providers, and people seeking training qualifications.

The AISC is calling for nominations from industry stakeholders for the following IRC:

Meat IRC

Two individual expert positions.

This IRC is responsible for the AMP – Australian Meat Processing Training Package. This covers meat processors, retailers and exporters who together are responsible for guaranteeing the supply of meat to domestic and international markets. The qualifications and units of competency available under this training package can be viewed here.

The expert positions on the Meat IRC are open to a specialist on meat processing and beef processing with an interest in training to provide their expert opinion on the review or development of meat related training products. Such positions will bring individual expertise/access to networks in the beef/meat processing sector. Meat processing is a highly regulated industry with both domestic and international markets susceptible to reputational risk. Such people will have knowledge, skill, education, experience or training in vocational education and training. Knowledge of the use and application of the AMP training package within the sector is highly desirable. These positions are not open to individuals seeking to represent the views or interests of organisations, including but not limited to, employers, regulators, state or territory industry training bodies, peak bodies, or unions.

IRCs are supported by a Skills Service Organisation (SSO) to develop and review training products. The Meat IRC is supported by Skills Impact.

The AISC seeks to ensure that the membership of the Meat IRC provides industry coverage and expertise to support training product development for their industry. The AISC is looking for individuals with extensive experience in and knowledge of their industry sector, with the capacity to proactively apply these attributes to the work of the IRC.

The AISC website has more information on IRCs and SSOs. The IRC Operating Framework outlines best practice governance principles and processes to assist in the day-to-day operation of IRCs.

Assessment Criteria

When considering nominations, the AISC is interested in the nominee’s:

  • comprehensive knowledge of their industry and relevant industry experience (where relevant)
  • level of influence across the sector and strategic approach to broad industry-wide issues
  • capacity to consider current and future directions for their industry and to relate those factors to skills and workforce development
  • capability to provide input directly to training package development, to seek input from established industry networks, and to represent a variety interests and skills needs across the industry
  • ability to undertake duties in good faith, acting in the public interest and best interests of the industry sector.  

As there may be numerous individuals with an interest in an IRC vacancy, the AISC needs to ensure the most suitable nominee is selected. In determining the final membership of IRCs, the AISC will consider both the individual characteristics of nominees (as set out in their nomination) as well as the composition of the IRC as a whole. This aims to support a balance of geographic coverage, age and gender that is appropriate to the relevant industry or sector, as well as to provide an effective mix of leadership and operational expertise.

While it may not be possible to include every nominee on the IRC, SSOs and IRCs consult widely during the training package development process, and are supported by Technical Advisory Committee members who are consulted on technical and related industry information.

The process for appointing an IRC expert position is outlined below.

Step by step guide of the public nomination process to fill a vacant IRC position

How to nominate

To nominate for one of the positions above you will need to:

  • complete the nomination form addressing the assessment criteria.
  • complete the privacy consent form.
  • provide a current résumé including the names of two referees to help the AISC understand what you will bring to the IRC.

The forms need to be printed, completed and scanned.

Nominations close COB 27 August 2021. Email the completed nomination form, privacy consent form, resume and any supporting documentation to

All nominees will be notified if they have been successful or not. If you are successful and appointed to an IRC position, your name, employer/organisation, position, and state or territory you reside in will be made publicly available on the AISC website.

The SSO Skills Impact supports the IRC and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the role with prospective applicants. If you would like more information, please contact Geoff Barbaro on 0433 10 10 45 or via email at