AISC review of COVID-19 related issues with mandatory workplace requirements in training packages

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The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has completed its review of the impact of COVID-19 on mandatory workplace requirements (MWR) in training products. Based on consultation with stakeholders, including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Industry Reference Committee’s (IRCs) and state and territory governments, the AISC has implemented a number of actions to support students, RTOs and employers including:

  • in collaboration with relevant IRCs, completing a review of 1st to 40th qualifications (ranked by enrolment) believed to include a MWR.

This review confirmed strong industry support for MWR where these are included in qualifications. These are considered to be essential in ensuring graduates have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience prior to commencing employment.

  • amending the Amenity Horticulture Training Package to better support simulated workplace assessments
  • issuing a statement to highlight existing flexibilities in delivery arrangements in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation and the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality training packages
  • updated the Training Product Development and Endorsement Process Policy to make clear that when a training product includes a MWR, consultation with employers must demonstrate support for the requirement and employer willingness to facilitate student placements.

In addition, the AISC is developing advice for training package developers on where MWR are most appropriate, and the considerations that industry should have regard to when including these in training products. This advice is expected to be available in 2021.

The AISC is confident that the actions undertaken, together with the gradual easing of social distancing restrictions across all jurisdictions, will have a positive impact on the delivery of training during COVID-19, as well as provide lasting guidance and support for RTOs and students.

The AISC will continue to work closely with industry and other stakeholders to manage any specific issues as they arise.