AISC Communique - May 2016

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The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has approved a further three cases for endorsement, bringing the total to 49 in less than 12 months:

  • MSM v2 Manufacturing;
  • PMA Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining; and
  • AMP v2 Australian Meat Processing (subject to amendments being made to the proposed pre-requisites for a number of units).

In response to requests from the relevant IRCs, the AISC agreed to commission:

  • a review to evaluate the purpose and effectiveness of the FSK Foundation Skills Training Package; and
  • work to ensure consistency with recent changes to Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines in relation to the unit SISCAQU007 Perform advanced water rescues in the SIS  Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package.

Following extensive consultations with Chairs of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs), the AISC also approved the IRC Operating Framework. A significant step in implementation of the new arrangements, the framework establishes the minimum operating requirements for all IRCs and is designed to ensure the high standards of integrity, probity and transparency expected by the Australian community are clear. A copy of the Operating Framework is available on the AISC website at

Noting progress of the IRC Review pilot, which currently extends to 15 participating IRCs, the AISC reinforced its commitment to an open and transparent process, ensuring opportunities for broad industry stakeholder input to the structure and membership of each IRC.

Guiding principles for the review will ensure that the structure and membership of each IRC provides the best possible support for each particular industry sector. The AISC is looking for IRC members to demonstrate a strategic mindset, broad industry representation and knowledge and expertise to ensure training products meet the skills needs of the future.

Proposed IRC structures will appear on the AISC website for comment by industry stakeholders, followed by the opportunity to nominate members against each of these structures.

Further information on the IRC review, including the guiding principles, is available at

The AISC will meet next in Canberra on 15 June 2016.