AISC Communique - February 2017

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The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) met on 23 February 2017.

AISC chair, Mr John Pollaers, welcomed Mr David Clements, the new member nominated by the Tasmanian government and thanked the outgoing member from Tasmania, Mr Darren Mathewson, for his enthusiastic contribution to the work of the AISC.

Mr Pollaers also welcomed the new member nominated by the Victorian Government, Mr Neil Coulson who replaced Ms Patricia Neden.  Mr Pollaers thanked Ms Neden for her commitment to the AISC, particularly her outreach work with industry.

Review of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs)

The AISC had considered out-of-session the proposed structure and membership of a number of IRCs. The following IRCs were endorsed:

  • Automotive Allied
  • Automotive Heavy Vehicle
  • Automotive Light Vehicle
  • Automotive Strategic
  • Automotive Vehicle Body Repair
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Coal
  • Drilling
  • Extractive
  • Metalliferous Mining.

The AISC Secretariat will advise nominees of these outcomes. Details of the refreshed IRCs will be published on the AISC website as soon as possible thereafter.

The next meeting of Chairs of IRCs will be held on 16 March 2017 in Melbourne.

Training Package Development

The AISC considered 11 cases for change submitted by IRCs. In considering the work coming forward, Members highlighted concerns about:

  • duplication – the AISC was concerned about the potential for duplication arising from a number of the cases for change and has instructed the relevant IRCs to carefully consider the synergies with other training packages which address similar skills outcomes to ensure no further duplication occurs.   
  • timelines – the AISC was concerned that the timeframes recommended for the training package development work in some of the cases for change did not adequately reflect the urgency of addressing the issues outlined in the case for change and has asked that the work be expedited.

The Committee agreed to commission the following work:

  • TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package: to update an entry-level Certificate II and develop a new qualification for skilled schedulers;
  • NWP National Water Training Package: to revise the Diploma of Water Industry Operations;
  • DEF12/DEF Defence Training Package: to update range management, defence paralegal and defence public affairs qualifications and units of competency and to work with the Public Sector IRC to develop new qualifications and units for financial management and performance-based contracting;
  • TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package: to bring forward to 2016/2017 urgent work relating to Rail Safety Critical Communication;
  • BSB Business Services Training Package: to update the training package to support small and medium enterprises adapt to the impacts of digital change, improve leadership and management skills, enhance program management skills, and streamline business administration qualifications to remove duplication;
  • CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package: to improve industry understanding of legal rights and obligations;
  • ICT Information and Communications Technology Training Package: to address NBN workforce needs;
  • CHC Community Services Training Package: to respond to the findings of the ASQA strategic review Training for early childhood education and care in Australia;
  • SIS10 Sport ,Fitness and Recreation Training Package: to update safety-critical areas within the outdoor recreation components of the training package;
  • SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package: to enhance pathways for nationally recognised sports qualifications; and  
  • SIB10 Beauty Training Package: to enhance skills related to the use of Intense Pulsed Light and laser treatment.

Relevant Training Package components will be transitioned concurrently to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

Next meeting

The AISC will meet next on 11 April 2017.