AISC Communique - December 2015

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The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (the AISC) held its fifth meeting on 1 December in Hobart. 

Opening the meeting, AISC Chair Mr John Pollaers welcomed the Hon Matthew Groom MP, Tasmanian Minister for State Growth, Energy, Environment, Parks and Heritage. 

Minister Groom outlined the Tasmanian Government’s strategy of identifying opportunities to build on Tasmania’s strengths, particularly in agribusiness, tourism and advanced manufacturing. The Tasmanian Government is helping industries maximise opportunities presented through e-commerce, technological advances and through the close ties the government has with China. Minister Groom also talked about the implications for skills – including the need to focus on filling skills gaps and upskilling existing workers to take up these opportunities. 

The AISC approved the following nine training packages for implementation:

  • MSM Manufacturing
  • SISv2 Sport Fitness and Recreation
  • ICTv3 Information and Communications Technology
  • ICPv2 Printing and Graphic Arts
  • NWP Water
  • CHC Community Services
  • HLT Health
  • RII Resources and Infrastructure
  • AVI Aviation

The Committee has now approved 26 training packages for implementation.

The following three training packages remain under consideration:

  • MSF Furnishing
  • CUA Creative Arts and Culture
  • CPCv2 Construction and Plumbing Services

In considering the training packages presented at this meeting, the Committee reiterated its commitment to ensuring that:

  • training package qualifications provide a clear pathway to an occupational outcome;
  • changes to training packages are industry-driven; 
  • there is clear evidence of engagement with key stakeholders, including the states and territories; and
  • decisions are made by consensus across industry stakeholders wherever possible. 

Committee members also considered the progress being made by the Commonwealth to implement the new arrangements for training product development, which will be effective from 1 January 2016, including the selection of Skills Service Organisations. 

The AISC will meet next in Melbourne on 10 and 11 February 2016.