AISC Communique - 9 October 2018

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AISC Communique – 9 October 2018 meeting

The 22nd meeting of the AISC was held on 9 October 2018.

CISC outcomes

The AISC discussed the outcomes from the 3 October 2018 Council of Australian Governments Industry and Skills Council (CISC) meeting. CISC discussed the importance of streamlining the skills and training system design to enable the VET sector to meet the rapid pace of change and the future of work.

CISC has requested Senior Skills Officials Network (SSON) and the AISC to work together to provide further advice to CISC on approaches to streamline the system.

CISC has also agreed to South Australia leading work, alongside disability officials, to develop and support a national disability workforce strategy with a report back to skills ministers at the next CISC meeting. Further information about the 3 October 2018 meeting can found in the CISC Communique.

Transition of training packages

The AISC noted the progress the Electrotechnology; the Construction, Plumbing and Services and the Manufacturing and Engineering IRCs have made in transitioning their respective training packages to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages (the Standards).

The AISC met with the Chairs of the Aquaculture and Wildcatch and the Public Safety IRCs to support them in transitioning the SFI Seafood and PUA Public Safety training packages to the Standards. The AISC agreed to continue to support the IRCs in transitioning the training packages.

The AISC noted the importance of comprehensive and extensive stakeholder engagement and consultation when reviewing training packages. Stakeholder consultation with industry is key to ensuring the national training system meets the skills needs of employers. The AISC will continue to ensure stakeholders can be involved in the drafting and review process of updating training packages.

IRC Survey

The AISC noted the progress of the independent IRC Survey project to gather evidence of IRC views on the efficacy of the training package development arrangements. It is anticipated the survey will be distributed to all IRC members in early November 2018.

The AISC encourages all IRCs to participate in the survey as this is an opportunity to highlight what is working within the current system architecture and gives IRC members an opportunity to influence the evolution of the program. There is also an opportunity for Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) to engage in the survey in a later stage. The AISC has asked IRCs to inform the Department of Education and Training of any TACs that would like to be involved with the survey.

Training Package Development

Cases for Endorsement

The AISC approved the following Cases for Endorsement for implementation:

  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (Release 5.0)

    • Off-the-road tyres

    • Automotive underbody technology and wheel alignment

  • CPP Property Services (Release 6.0) – Swimming Pool and Spa Service

  • MSF Furnishing (Release 4.0) – Flooring Technology, Glass and Glazing, Interior Decoration and Design and Picture Framing

  • PPM Pulp and Paper Manufacturing (Release 2.0)

  • RII Resource and Infrastructure Industry (Release 3.0) – Mining, Drilling and Civil Infrastructure

  • UEP Electricity Supply Industry Generation (Release 1.0) –transition to the Standards – subject to the inclusion of a statement to cover Western Australian licensing arrangements and a determination that qualifications are equivalent to previous training package qualifications.

Cases for Change

The AISC approved the following Cases for Change to proceed to training package development:

  • HLT Health – Technicians Support Services Clinical Coders

  • HLT Health – Hospital/Health Services (Pharmacy Support) – requesting the IRC to explore importing units on leadership, communications, work health and safety

  • FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Wine Operations

In out-of-session processes, since the 14 August 2018 meeting, the AISC approved:

  • eight cases for endorsement:

    • AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management training package – Pest Management, Beekeeping, Rural Machinery Operations, chemical handling

    • ACM Animal Care and Management training package – Farriery, Work safely around animals, performance horse

    • ICP Printing and Graphic Arts training package (Release 3.0) – 3D printing

    • MSM Manufacturing training package (Release 3.0) – deletion of the PMC training package

    • MSS Sustainability training package – carbon auditing

    • RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry training package (Release 4.0) – mobile plant operation and materials handling

    • TLI Transport and Logistics training package – High Risk Work Licence

    • ICT Information and Communications Technology training package (Release 4.0) – streamlining unnecessary duplication

  • structure and membership of two new IRCs:

    • Naval Shipbuilding

    • Aged Services

Next meeting - The next meeting of the AISC is on 4 December 2018.