AISC Communique - 5 June 2018

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The AISC met on 5 June 2018 for the 20th AISC Meeting.

The AISC acknowledged the valuable contribution over the last three years of NSW representative, the late Bill Galvin who passed away on 23 April 2018.

Process Mapping Project

The AISC considered the final report on the project to map the training package development, endorsement and implementation process. The AISC agreed to publish the Current State Report including the process map, and to gather industry feedback on how the system is operating for stakeholders. This feedback will be discussed at the AISC Strategic Planning Day.

The report can be found at Process Mapping Project.

Training Product Framework Documents

The AISC agreed to a proposal from the Skills Senior Officials Network (SSON) to participate in a working group to update the Training Package Organising Framework documents. This will improve the consistency of interpretation and provide additional guidance to stakeholders.

It is anticipated this work will be completed by November 2018.

Industry Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedule of Work

The AISC considered the first lot of Industry Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work submitted by Industry Reference Committees (IRCs). The majority of skills forecasts proposed new training package development work through a streamlined process of incorporating the industry case for change into the Skills Forecasts.

The AISC is committed to developing qualifications that will lead to a student securing employment upon graduation. As such, the AISC was keen to emphasise the importance of IRCs setting out the evidence of employer demand for proposed units/courses, a clear occupation link to the proposed training package work and relevant course enrolment data. This information is important to understanding the broader context of the proposed work. 

The AISC also stated a commitment to assisting IRCs, supported by SSOs, to look across the national training system to identify whether there are existing units in the system that could be contextualised for use in their industry training package – rather than simply proposing new units to be developed.

The AISC approved a number of project proposals to proceed to training package development. The AISC also requested that a number of project proposals be resubmitted with further evidence of industry demand for the proposed change.

The list of approved project proposals from the first lot of Skills Forecasts will be available soon on the AISC National Schedule.

The AISC also endorsed a strategy for the rationalisation of redundant qualifications. This strategy proposes an ongoing system-wide approach to the identification and deletion of obsolete and redundant qualifications from the National Training System.

Training Package Development

Cases for Endorsement

The AISC approved the following Cases for Endorsement for implementation:

  • BSB Business Services

    • Digital Change in SMBs

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Program Management

  • RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry

    • First Emergency Response

    • Shotfiring

  • RGR Racing - Transition of Training Package

The AISC noted the additional information provided on the RGR Racing Case for Endorsement including the IRC further exploring the future inclusion safe riding positions for fall prevention, and will seek evidence for the feasibility of fall safety training in the racing industry.

Cases for Change

The AISC approved the following Cases for Change to proceed to training package development:

  • ACM Animal Care and Management

    • Animal Incident Management

    • Horse Education

  • CUA Creative Arts and Culture

    • Arts Administration and Screen

  • ICP Printing and Graphic Arts

    • Industry Knowledge and Employability Skills

  • MAR Maritime

    • Marine Surveying

  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair

    • Cooling and air conditioning

    • Light vehicle underbody, exhaust and braking systems, steering and suspension systems, tyre servicing, and electrical technologies

    • Mechanical heavy technology

    • Automotive management

    • Automotive vocational preparation

    • Automotive servicing technologies

  • AUM Automotive Manufacturing

    • Bus, truck and trailer manufacturing production

  • BSB Business Services

    • Technical competencies

  • FNS Financial Services

    • Customer service, sales and advice

    • Financial markets, banking and lending

    • Insurance services, agency and broking

  • ICT Information and Communications Technology

    • Getting a job in Information Technology

  • RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry

    • Bituminous surfacing

    • Geotechnical risks in quarries

    • Construction material testing

    • New and emerging technologies

    • Contemporary and emerging blasting methods

The AISC also approved out-of-session the Responsible Conduct of Online Wagering Case for Change to proceed to training package development.

Newly Established IRCs

The AISC endorsed the structure and membership of the following IRCs:

  • Aged Services

  • Naval Shipbuilding

Next meeting

The next meeting of the AISC is Tuesday 14 August 2018.