AISC Communique – 3 December 2019 meeting

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The 29th meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (the Committee) was held on 3 December 2019. It was the first meeting of the new Chair, Emeritus Professor Tracey Horton AO, who was appointed to the role on 20 November 2019. Professor Horton provided the Committee with an update on her background and advised the Committee that her initial focus will be to develop an understanding of the system and possible approaches for improvement and to strengthen the voice of industry in training package development and the VET sector more generally.

Professor Horton acknowledged the work of the previous Chair, Professor John Pollaers and his significant contribution since the Committee’s establishment.

Industry Reference Group Chairs Day

On 4 December 2019 the Committee brought together the Chairs of its Industry Reference Committees (IRCs). The event provided an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and experience on what aspects of the training system are working well, as well as areas for improvement. The Hon Steven Joyce, Chair of the Government’s Expert Panel, also discussed the findings and recommendations of the Expert Review of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training System. A separate report is being prepared on outcomes of the IRC Chairs day and will be available shortly.

COAG Skills Council Update

Ms Nadine Williams provided an update on key matters agreed at the Australian Government Skills Council meeting held on 22 November 2019 that included agreement to four key areas of future work:

  • A review of VET Student loans
  • Assess the use of micro-credentials to help the system better respond to student needs while preserving the importance of nationally recognised qualifications
  • Defining quality including possible reforms to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015
  • Extend the work the Committee has led to streamline the training package development system. This work will be led by the AISC and State and Territory senior officials.

For further information see the Skills Ministers Communique November 2019

VET Reform Update

Ms Mary McDonald provided an overview of the VET Reform activities, summarised as follows:

  • The national co-design of the Skills Organisation (SO) pilots in conjunction with the National Skills Commission and the National Careers Institute is nearing completion.
  • The SO pilots are progressing well, with industry-led, CEO-level, steering groups established to drive the design of the pilots in the human services care and digital technologies industries.
  • A third SO pilot for the mining industry was announced on 1 November 2019.

Training Package Development Program Evaluation

The Committee considered the draft final report on the Evaluation of the Training Product Development Program, conducted by ACIL Allen Consulting. The report’s findings will inform immediate actions to streamline national training products, and be considered by the department when renewing Skills Service Organisations (SSO) contractual arrangements.

IRC Working Group Update

Professor Horton noted the importance of the IRC Survey Report and spoke of her intention to share it with IRC Chairs and work with them to address the identified strategies early in 2020.

The AISC also endorsed an updated IRC Operating Framework, which includes amendments aimed at strengthening the code of conduct requirements for IRC members and the Committee’s expectations for industry validation of training packages and the Framework will be distributed to IRC chairs and can be accessed via the AISC website

Updates to Training Packages

The meeting considered ten Cases for Endorsement, two Cases for Change and one Industry Skills Forecast resubmission for 2019. All were approved by the AISC except for the Arboriculture training package.

  Cases for Endorsement: New


Details of submissions

AISC decision

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear IRC


MST Textiles Clothing and Footwear Training Package Release 3.0 – Laundry and Dry Cleaning


The Case for Endorsement (CfE) involves:

  • Revision of 42 units and creation of two units to address new technology and improved safety in finishing operations across three qualifications:
    • MST20419 Certificate II in Laundry operations
    • MST30619 Certificate III in Laundry Operations
    • MST30919 Certificate III in Dry Cleaning
  • Deletion of  five qualifications and  four units from LMT07.
  • Creation of twelve new skill sets.

Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Corrections IRC

CSC Correctional Services Training Package - Release 2.0

The CfE involves:

  • Creation of one new qualification, one new skill set and three new units of competency.
  • Revision of one existing qualification and nine existing units.

The new skills set and revised qualifications are:

  • CSC30219 Certificate III in Immigration Detention Operations NEW
  • CSC30119 Certificate III in Correctional Practice REVISED
  • CSCSS0001 Electronic Monitoring Operator Skill Set NEW
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation and Land Management IRC


Agriculture Horticulture Conservation (AHC) and Land Manage Training Package – Arboriculture training products 

The CfE involves:

  • Creation of:
    • 5 new qualifications:
      • Certificate II in Arboriculture
      • Certificate III in Arboriculture
      • Diploma of Arboriculture
      • Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture
      • Graduate Diploma of Arboriculture
    • 39 new units of competency
    • 3 new skill sets
  • Deletion of Certificate IV Arboriculture and 5 units of competency
  • Revision to the elective unit codes in four qualifications (horticulture, landscaping and pest management qualifications).

Not approved –

Requested the IRC give consideration to incorporating the Minimum Industry Standards in the relevant units of competency for the proposed Certificates II to IV.

The Advance Diploma and Graduate Diploma qualifications require further evidence of industry need.

Property Services IRC


CPP Property Services – Waste Management

The CfE involves:

  • Transitioning of the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Waste Management to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.
  • Update of the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Waste Management.
  • Deletion of two qualifications:
    • Certificate II in Waste Management
    • Diploma of Waste Management
  • Rationalisation of units wherever possible, including 19 units proposed for deletion.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Financial Services IRC


FNS Financial Services Training Package Version 4.0 – Banking and lending, Risk management and compliance.

The CfE involves:

  • Update of 9 qualifications and 20 units of competency across Certificate II to Advanced Diploma levels in financial services, credit management, banking services, and banking services management
  • Creation of 1 new unit and 1 skill set (non-endorseable) to the Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management
  • Deletion of 1 qualification:
    • Diploma of Integrated Risk Management.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Printing and Graphic Arts IRC


ICP Printing and Graphic Arts Training Package Version 4.0

The CfE involves:

  • Update of 6 qualifications and 159 units of competency
  • Creation of 3 new units and 8 skill set (non-endorseable)
  • Deletion of 2 qualifications and 70 units.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Water IRC


NWP National Water Training Package Version 3.0

This CfE involves:

  • Update of  2 qualifications – Certificate II in Water Operations and Certificate III in Water Operations
  • Update of 93 units of competency
  • Creation of 1 new unit
  • Deletion of 2 qualifications and 6 units
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.


Cases for Endorsement: Resubmission


Details of submissions

AISC decision

Business Services IRC


BSB Business Services – Big Data and Cyber Security Cross Sector projects

At its 5 June 2019 meeting, the AISC considered the CfE which involves:

  • Creation of 9 new big data units of competency, and 8 new cyber security units of competency
  • Update of 8 Business Services qualifications (to include the proposed new cross sector units in their elective banks)
  • Creation of 4 new BSB skill sets
The Committee requested evidence of engagement with employers particularly in regional areas be provided. The CfE was resubmitted following further industry engagement.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical IRC


FBP Training Package 3.0 – Diploma of Cheesemaking and Certificate IV in Fermented Products

At its October meeting, the Committee requested additional information about how the AQF levels were determined for:

  • Diploma of cheesemaking
  • Certificate IV in Fermented Products
The Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical IRC provided supporting analysis and a letter from the IRC Chair confirming the appropriate alignment of the qualifications.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.

Timber and Wood Products IRC


FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package Version 5.0

This CfE was conditionally approved for implementation by the Committee at its August meeting, pending the provision of an explanation of disproportionately low training completion rates and the extent to which industry skills are being met through partial qualification attainment.

Additional information was provided confirming the need for these qualifications to be approved.
Approved for referral to Ministers for endorsement.


  Case for Change: New



Details of submissions

AISC decision

Public Safety IRC


PUA Public Safety – Review of Aviation roles in Fire and Emergency Management

The Case for Change is for the development and revision of training products used by fire and emergency management agencies, relevant to aviation related roles and functions comprised of:

  • 7 existing units of competency
  • 13 new units of competency
  • 14 new skill sets
  • 1 existing skill set.

Approved for training package development work. 


  Case for Change: Resubmission

Community Sector and Development IRC


CHC Community Services – Community Safety Patrol: Proposed new Certificate III


At its 13 August 2019 meeting, the AISC approved the development of eight qualifications in the CHC Community Services Training Package. Further information was requested on anticipated levels of uptake of the proposed new Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol, and industry need for the qualification in jurisdictions other than the Northern Territory.

The IRC provided further information supporting the need for the new Community Safety Patrol Certificate.

Approved for training package development work.

The AISC has directed the IRC to delete the qualifications with no enrolments.


COMMISSIONED WORK The AISC reviewed the following 2019 Skills Forecast



Project title and description

AISC decision

Automotive Light Vehicle, Automotive Allied IRC


AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package – Assessment of underutilised qualifications.

Approved for training package development work.

IRC Presentations

  • Chairs of the UEE IRC and the Plumbing IRC provided the AISC with updates on the transition of their respective Training Packages.  They discussed key issues and how they were being addressed to ensure transition could be completed.
  • The Naval Shipbuilding Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Chair provided a presentation on how the IRC has, and continues to engage with tertiary pathways.

Training Package Development Endorsement Process Policy

The AISC endorsed amendments to the Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy, which will help to ensure consistency across jurisdictions and training package developers in the training package content design, development and endorsement.

Proposed revisions to the draft policies were sought from key stakeholders between June and July 2019. Stakeholders consulted included Committee members, state and territory governments, VET regulators, industry and VET peak bodies, SSOs and quality assurance panel members.

Next meeting: The next meeting of the AISC will be held on 25 February 2020.