AISC Communique - 20 April 2020 meeting

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The 31st meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (the Committee) was held on 20 April 2020 via teleconference.

The Chair welcomed Ms Liz Beattie as the new Victorian member of the AISC and thanked Mr Neil Coulson for his contribution during his four year term. The Chair also noted that this was Ms Megan Lilly’s last meeting and that Ms Megan Kirchner from the Business Council of Australia will attend the June 2020 meeting as the new rotating peak industry representative for the next 12 months. The other two rotating peak industry representatives from the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will attend the remaining 2020 Committee meetings as observers.


The Chair acknowledged the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the work being undertaken by the AISC. She thanked AISC members, IRC Chairs and members, SSOs, and also the Secretariat, for their commitment and responsiveness in challenging times.

Establishment of the AISC Emergency Response Subcommittee

On 3 April 2020, the COAG Skills Council agreed to adopt a rapid and agile process to support essential skilling requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic period, enabling short-term and urgent adjustments to be made to training package products to support critical training delivery.

The initial areas of focus for emergency training package development work will be in aged care, disability support, health care and the early childhood education and care sectors.

The Emergency Response Subcommittee Terms of Reference, membership, development and consultation process was considered by the AISC. This information, including a record of decisions made by the Subcommittee and channels for providing input, can be accessed at  

Impact on training package development program

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on current training package development projects, particularly those sectors that are experiencing upheaval as a result of the sudden change in social and economic conditions (e.g. community services, health, retail, tourism/travel, hospitality, sport, aviation).

As a result, the Committee noted several training package projects will be delayed and provided for consideration later than originally expected. The Committee also noted the updated Forward Work Plan, and encouraged a flexible approach to incorporating emerging needs from industry based on advice from SSOs and IRCs.

The Committee also agreed to the request from the Chair of the Public Safety Industry Reference Committee to cancel the Public Safety Training Package - Community Safety review. This was because key stakeholders were unavailable due to ongoing work in relation to the bushfires and COVID-19, and due to potential new skills requirements identified through these emergency periods. It will be re-established via a new Case for Change in 2020-21.

The following training products were approved by the Committee for referral to Ministers for endorsement:


Details of submission

AISC decision

Extractive IRC / Civil Infrastructure IRC / Metalliferous Mining IRC / Drilling IRC / Coal Mining IRC

RII Resources and Infrastructure – Release 5.0 Blasting Methods; Geotechnical risks in quarries; Construction Materials Testing; Common Skills; Drilling and Exploration; Coal Mining

This large Case for Endorsement (CfE) presents release 5.0 of the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.

In total, the CfE seeks approval for the following number of training products:

  • Updated 22 qualifications and 216 units of competency
  • Creation of 12 units of competency and one skill set
  • Deleted one qualification and 27 units of competency.

Conditionally approved release 5.0 of the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.

Approval will be provided out-of-session, pending clarification of NATA’s support for the proposed RIISS00062 Construction Material Testing.

Construction Plumbing and Services IRC

CPC – Construction Plumbing and Services – Swimming Pool and Spa Building

This Case for Endorsement aligns with the activity approved by the AISC in the 2018 Construction Plumbing and Services 2018 Industry Skills Forecast, to review, update and transition the Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

  • Creation of ten new units specific to skills required for swimming pool and spa building
  • Deleted two units
  • Changed packaging rules: The redeveloped qualification has nine core and ten electives and provides increased flexibility to meet individual learner and enterprise needs across two elective categories:
    • Category A - provide specialist technical skills and knowledge.
    • Category B - provide safety, planning and project management and small business management skills and knowledge.

Approved the updated Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building.

Noted the implementation of the Certificate IV in Pool and Spa Building will be delayed until all previous CPC Release 5.0 projects presented to the AISC meeting of 25 February 2020 are approved for implementation (currently anticipated by August 2020).

Sustainability IRC

MSS Sustainability – Energy Management


This Case for Endorsement presents the Energy Management project for the MSS Sustainability Training Package Release 4.0 and includes:

  • Creation of two new units of competency
  • Revision of one revised unit of competency
  • Creation of one new skill set.

Approved the Energy Management project for the MSS Sustainability Training Package Release 4.0.

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear IRC

MST Textiles, Clothing and Footwear – Industrial Sewing

The Case for Endorsement presents the Industrial Sewing Skill Set Project for the MST Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Training Package Release 4.0 which includes:

  • Revision of two units of competency
  • Update of one qualification
  • Creation of one new skill set.

Approved the MST Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package Release 4.0.

Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation and Land Management IRC

AHC Arboriculture  

The Case for Endorsement was considered on 3 December 2019 but not approved. It involved:

  • Creation of:
    • five new qualifications
    • 39 new units of competency
    • three new skill sets
  • Deletion of:
    • one qualification
    • five units of competency
  • Revision of the elective unit codes in four qualifications.

The IRC has since given consideration to incorporating Minimum Industry Standards into units of competency and provision of further evidence of the demand for proposed higher qualifications.

Conditionally approved the Arboriculture Case for Endorsement for inclusion in the AHC Agriculture Horticulture Conservation and Land Management Training Package.

Approval will be provided  out-of-session pending:

  • agreement by the respective parties on wording relating to industry practices verses standards
  • agreement that the referenced industry standards resources for students will be provided at no cost, despite updates.

The Committee noted the progress being made on: transitioning the remaining packages to the current Training Package Standards, the voluntary IRC membership review (which will be addressed in more detail in an out-of-session paper), the independent audit of records on VETNet, the Communications Strategy and Streamlining.

The importance of continued engagement with IRC Chairs was emphasised by the Committee which requested the postponed IRC Chairs Meeting day be progressed in a digital format. Committee members will also give consideration to filling the vacancy on its IRC Working Group out-of-session.

Next meeting: The next meeting of the AISC will be held on Tuesday 16 June 2020.