AISC Communique - 14 August 2018

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The AISC met on 14 August 2018 for the 21st AISC Meeting.

The AISC welcomed Professor Trevor Cairney OAM as the new NSW representative and Mr Iain McDougall as the new WA representative and recognised the valuable contribution of Mr Ian Hill as the WA representative over the last three years.

Transition of training packages

The AISC met with the Chairs of the Electrotechnology and Construction Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to support them in transitioning the UEE11 Electrotechnology and CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services training packages to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages (the Standards). The AISC agreed to continue to support the IRCs in transitioning the training packages.

Australian Qualification Framework

The AISC met with Peter Noonan, the Chair of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Review, to discuss possible implications of the AQF Review on training packages. The AISC discussed options for continued engagement with the AQF Review to ensure the findings and recommendations reflect training package considerations.

Industry Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedule of Work

The AISC considered the second tranche of Industry Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work (Skills Forecasts) submitted by IRCs. The majority of Skills Forecasts proposed training package development work through a streamlined process of incorporating the industry case for change into the Skills Forecasts.

The AISC noted seven IRCs did not propose any new training package development work for 2018-19. The AISC recognised these IRCs are undertaking consultation activities to complete projects commissioned from the 2017 Skills Forecasts.

The AISC approved a number of project proposals to proceed to training package development.

In reinforcing its commitment to developing qualifications that will lead to students securing employment upon graduation, the AISC requested that a small number of project proposals be resubmitted with further evidence of industry demand for the proposed change.

The list of approved project proposals from Skills Forecasts considered at the 20th and 21st meeting of the AISC are available on the AISC National Schedule.

The AISC also endorsed a short-term strategy for the packaging of common units created by cross-projects. These units will now be housed in the most relevant training package and marked with a cross-sector identifier. The Training Product Reform Joint Working Party is currently considering a long-term strategy which would require amendments to the Standards for Training Packages 2012.

Training Package Development

Cases for Endorsement

The AISC approved the following Cases for Endorsement for implementation:

  • CUA Creative Arts and Culture (Release 4.0) – professional writing and editing

  • FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Release 2.0) – completion of transition to the Standards, including food science and technology and wine operations

  • SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Services – completion of transition to the Standards, including intense pulse light and laser treatment for hair reduction

  • UEG Gas – transition to the Standards and PE Butt Fusion

In out-of-session processes, since the 5 June 2018 meeting, the AISC approved:

  • four cases for change to proceed to training package development:

    • AHC Amenity, Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation and Land Management - arboriculture

    • CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services – construction pathways

    • SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Services – skin rejuvenation and cosmetic tattooing

    • HLT Health – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker

  • six cases for endorsement, including addendums to previously endorsed training packages to address unit and qualification coding issues:

    • DEF Defence training package (Release 2.1) – geospatial

    • AUM Automotive Manufacturing training package (Release 2.0) – automotive manufacturing production and technical operations

    • addendums to: Maritime (Release 5.0); Transport and Logistics (Release 4.0); Aeroskills (Release 2.0); and Laboratory Operations (Release 2.0) training packages

  • the revised structure and membership of the Tourism Travel and Hospitality IRC.

Next meeting - The next meeting of the AISC is Tuesday 9 October 2018.