AISC Communique - 10 April 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

AISC Research projects

To continue the AISC’s important research agenda, the AISC considered and approved new research projects and supported funding to build on the research projects currently sponsored by the Committee. The approved projects will build evidence to assist the AISC to further improve the responsiveness and flexibility of the system and focus on the four key areas of:

  • building the evidence base for industry to inform training package development
  • driving improved quality and efficiency of the training package development process
  • improving productivity and delivering on COAG Industry Skills Council (CISC) priorities and
  • continuing professional development for Industry Reference Committees (IRCs).

New Naval Shipbuilding IRC

Building on the AISC’s recent decision to form three new IRCs to address the future requirements of Industry 4.0, Environmental Sustainability and Aged Care workforce in Australia, the AISC agreed to establish a specific purpose Naval Shipbuilding IRC to provide an explicit focus on understanding the skilling requirements for the naval shipbuilding and sustainment industries and to lead industry’s response to the needs identified. With the naval shipbuilding workforce expected to grow to around 5,200 workers and more than double this number of workers in sustainment activities and throughout supply chains by the mid to late 2020s, a skilled workforce is critical to its success. The proposed Naval Shipbuilding IRC will identify gaps within the training system and, where relevant, work with existing IRCs on strategies to meet the specific skill needs of the naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry. You will be able to provide feedback on the proposed IRC structure and membership when it becomes available on the AISC website.

Skills Impact

The AISC Acting Chair, Mr Brett Schimming, welcomed Mr Michael Hartman, Chief Executive Officer and Ms Rosalie Staggard, General Manager, from the Skills Service Organisation (SSO), Skills Impact, who discussed with the committee their work as an SSO and the challenges they face supporting 12 IRCs. Skills Impact expressed a strong commitment to service and quality and have developed a system of targeted communication with stakeholders. They support the development of more cross-sector projects and see potential for a ‘bank’ of cross-sector units that meet the requirements of multiple industries.

Training package development

Cases for Endorsement

The Committee approved the following Cases for Endorsement for implementation:

  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair
    • Vehicle body repair estimating
    • marine fuel systems and mechanical technicians for the marine retail, service and repair industry;
    • multi-combination heavy commercial vehicle braking systems
  • BSB Purchasing
  • TLI Transports and Logistics - Yard operations and scheduling, and rail safety communications.

The Committee considered the following Case for Endorsement:

  • RGR Racing - The AISC is generally comfortable approving the Case for Endorsement but requested advice on the rationale as to why the fall safety unit should not be included as an elective in the racing training package before formally approving the Case for Endorsement.

Cases for Change

The AISC approved to proceed to training package development:

  • MAR Maritime
    • Electro-technical officer
    • Ship on/ship off

The Committee noted the importance of making sure consultation is well-handled with clear and well thought through communication.

  • NWP Water Industry operations
  • TLI Rail human factors
  • TLI Transport and Logistics
    • Freight forwarding
    • Traffic signals
    • Pallet control
  • AMP Meat
    • Food-safe pest control
    • Material handling
    • Threat and vulnerability assessment

The AISC did not approve the CPP Access Consulting Case for Change.

The AISC approved the following cross-sector project Case for Change:

  • Consumer Engagement via Online and Social Media.

The AISC approved the establishment of the IRC:

  • Naval Shipbuilding.


Next meeting - The next meeting of the AISC is Tuesday 5 June 2018.