4 December 2018 AISC meeting communique

Thursday, December 20, 2018
AISC Communique – 4 December 2018 meeting

The 23rd meeting of the AISC was held on 4 December 2018.

The Committee noted the announcement by the Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP on the Expert review of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) system (Review) to be undertaken by the Hon, Steven Joyce, former New Zealand government minister.

Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Survey

Ithaca Group presented a high-level analysis of the initial findings of the IRC member survey of the effectiveness of the current industry-led arrangements. The project will continue to gather the views of IRC members through targeted focus groups early in 2019.


At their 3 October 2018 meeting, the COAG Industry and Skills Council requested that the Senior Skills Official Network (SSON) and AISC work together to provide advice on approaches to improve the training product development process to enable the training system to more quickly respond to the changes in skills needs across occupations.

Industry Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (Skills Forecast)

The AISC reflected on the volume of training product development activities underway and the Skills Forecasts submitted by IRCs this year. The AISC has requested IRCs provide additional evidence in their Skills Forecasts to support the AISCs prioritisation process, including:

  • what level of qualification is proposed to be updated i.e. entry-level, post-trade
  • relevant enrolment data
  • clear job roles related to the qualification proposed for updating are to be identified
  • relevant employment data
  • workforce changes driving the need for the work
  • evidence of industry demand for the units/qualification proposed for update particularly for low-use training components
  • date units were last reviewed
  • details of consultation undertaken in submitting Skills Forecasts

Training Package Development

The AISC met with Chairs from the Electrotechnology; Manufacturing and Engineering; and Property Services Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to discuss progress of training package updates.

In relation to Release 2.0 of the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package, the AISC agreed to proposed revisions, subject to further consultation.

Cases for Endorsement

The AISC approved the following Cases for Endorsement for implementation:

  • AVI Aviation (Release 4.0)
  • CPP Security (Release 7.0)
  • BSB Cross-sector Teamwork and Communication and the inclusion for people with a disability common units (Release 4.0)
  • NWP Water (Release 4.0)
  • CPC Concreting (Release 4.0)
  • FWP Forest and Wood Products (Release 4.0)
  • ACM Animal Care and Management (Release 2.0) –Certificate IV veterinary nursing qualification. The diploma has been referred back to the IRC.

Cases for Change

The AISC approved the following Cases for Change to proceed to training package development:

  • SIT Hospitality RSA
  • ICT Industry Skills Forecast – proposed schedule of work (resubmission)


    In out-of-session processes, since the 9 October 2018 meeting, the AISC approved:

  • one Case for Endorsement:
    • MSM Manufacturing (Release 3.0) – Fenestration
  • establishment of a new Disability Care IRC
  • structure and membership changes to eight IRCs in response to requests from industry or to fill vacancies:
    • change from an employer position to a peak association position on the Automotive Light Vehicle IRC; and Automotive Vehicle Body Repair IRC
    • addition of a new organisation or expert position on the Meat IRC
    • removal of an organisation position on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing IRC
    • removal of an expert position and expansion of existing expert positions on the Process Manufacturing, Recreation Vehicle and Laboratory IRC
    • changes to organisation positions on the Food and Beverage IRC
    • changes to organisation and expert positions on the Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation and Land Management IRC


Next meeting - The next meeting of the AISC is on 25 February 2019.