Travel and accommodation

Why do Industry Reference Committee (IRC) members need to travel?

IRC members travel to meet with their fellow committee members from around the country. Each IRC holds at least one face-to-face meeting per year where members discuss industry sector priorities and their committee’s work developing and reviewing training packages.

What support is available to members?

Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) support IRCs to do their work. This includes:

  • arranging and booking travel for IRC members who are attending meetings and performing their functions as members
  • covering reasonable travel and accommodation costs—up to $10,000 a year per IRC
  • providing secretariat services to IRCs as agreed
  • preparing documentation for the department including skills forecasts, proposed schedules of work, business cases and training packages.

It is possible to minimise IRC operational costs by:

  • organising face-to-face meetings around events that most members are already attending, such as annual industry conferences
  • using teleconferences or videoconferences instead of meeting in person
  • agreeing that part of an SSO’s funding for developing training packages will be used to support related IRC meetings.