National Schedule

The National Schedule details all training package review and development work currently underway.

The Schedule is intended to be a single source of information for industry stakeholders who would like to be involved in consultations about skills needs in their sector. It also enables government and VET regulators to better plan their engagement and related activities.

The Schedule captures the training package review and development work commissioned by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) following advice from its network of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs). The focus is on:

  • capitalising on advancements in technology, reflecting new jobs in the economy and addressing emerging skills needs
  • responding to industry restructuring and keeping pace with new ways of working
  • completing outstanding work, such as the transition of units of competency to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

The Schedule is regularly updated as work progresses. In addition, there is an annual update following the receipt of 'IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work'. These are due in April each year, and the Schedule will be updated again, following a comprehensive review of the Proposed Schedules of Work. In developing these Schedules of Work, IRCs will consult broadly to ensure a whole-of-industry view about the opportunities and challenges for the workforce and the Training Package review work necessary to meet industry needs.

Consultation is a key feature of the training package review and development process and you are welcome to participate by contacting your IRC through the supporting Skills Service Organisation (SSO), see SSO contact details.

The following search function enables users to find the work being undertaken on a particular Training Package or by a particular IRC with the support of an SSO.