How often do Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) meet?

IRCs hold at least one face-to-face meeting per year where members get together to discuss industry sector priorities and their IRC’s training product development work.

The actual number of meetings depends on the level of activity scheduled for the year.

Some meetings may be held by videoconference or teleconference to keep costs down.

Who organises and pays for the meetings?

Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment to support IRC activities.

Each IRC and their SSO agree on the type and level of support for meetings.

They sign Memorandums of Understanding that spell out how the SSO will:

  • arrange and book travel for IRC members who are attending meetings
  • cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs—up to $10,000 a year per IRC
  • provide secretariat services for meetings, such as circulating agenda and meeting papers before the meeting.

What is a meeting quorum?

A quorum is the minimum number of IRC members necessary to hold a meeting and make decisions.

In this case, it is half the IRC members plus one.

A quorum of members may hold additional meetings as required, depending on available budget.

How are meeting decisions and outcomes recorded?

IRC members agree on a process for making decisions that suits their particular committee’s circumstances and scope.

This is a formal process that includes:

  • putting a motion to the meeting and someone seconding the motion
  • giving all members a chance to speak for or against the motion
  • agreeing on a two-thirds majority in cases where not everyone is in favour
  • having an SSO representative attend and take minutes of the meeting to record discussions, decisions and agreed actions.