Community Sector and Development Industry Reference Committee

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) called for nominations from industry stakeholders for membership of the Community Sector and Development Industry Reference Committee (IRC). Nominations were open until COB Monday 6 March 2017.

The Community Sector and Development IRC has responsibility for 25 qualifications, packaged in HLT - Health training package and CHC - Community Services training package.

The AISC seeks to ensure that the membership of the Community Sector and Development IRC, as a whole, provides the best possible industry coverage and expertise to support training package development for the industry. The AISC is looking for individuals with extensive experience in, and knowledge of, their industry sector, with the capacity to proactively apply these attributes to the work of the IRC.

Please note that while it may not be possible to include every nominee on the IRC, it is important to remember that SkillsIQ and the IRC will consult widely during the training package development process.
Further information about the role of IRCs and how they will operate can be found in the IRC operating framework.

IRC Structure - Feedback

The draft structure for the Community and Development Sector IRC was published on this website on 15 December 2016, providing an opportunity for industry to comment on whether the structure would adequately represent the industry. The AISC welcomed the comments received from a range of stakeholders and there was general agreement that the structures were fit for purpose and should proceed to a call for nominations.

In response to feedback, the description of the employer category has been broadened to ensure clarity about the inclusion of small to medium community service organisations. Similarly, the registered training organisation (RTO) category has been broadened to provide clarity about the inclusion of rural/regional training organisations in order to provide the opportunity for a range of perspectives and that geographical coverage be addressed by including rural/regional RTOs.

In addition, the positions allocated to peak associations have been combined into one category with clarity around the inclusion of volunteering and youth services. 

While feedback was received suggesting the health sector and the community services, disability and home care sectors are different and that there should be two separate IRCs, ie. one for Health and another for community services, on balance it is proposed that the Community Sector and Development IRC remains as one IRC at this time but this suggestion will remain in review.

Organisations that have already been allocated a position on the IRC do not have to submit a nomination.
The AISC will directly invite these organisations to nominate their representative.

Note: In nominating for a position on the IRC, please be aware that if you are successful your name, organisation, state, and position will be made publicly available on the AISC website.

Organisation Type


Number of Members Allocated / Open


Comments / Description




2 Open for nomination A public (1) and private (1) employer representative to reflect both types of employment and skills needs of the industry.

Small to medium community service organisations are encouraged to nominate.

Peak Association


4 Open for nomination Membership in this category should represent subsectors (such as volunteering and youth justice) of the industry as far as possible.

Organisations may be membership based and/or delivering programs and services that support the sector.

Noting that RTOs will be represented in the category below, this category would prioritise organisations that did not also operate as RTOs.

Professional Association


1 Open for nomination Professional Association that is able to provide advice on the applicability of qualifications.

 Advisory Body

1 Allocated position Australian Council of Social Services
Registered Training Organisation (RTO)


2 Open for nomination Membership in this category could include a public, private, not for profit or enterprise RTO, that delivers the qualifications for this industry sector.  Regional representation is encouraged.


1 Allocated position Department of Family and Community Services
Union 1 Allocated position Australian Services Union
Total members 12