Case Studies

We want to share your Vocational Education and Training (VET) success stories. Below are some stories we already know about, but we want more.

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  • Beefing up our meat industry

    Having a workforce with the right skills is vital to the success of Australia’s $17 billion meat industry.
    Our meat industry is a global success story – we export to more than 100 countries, and are the world’s largest exporter of goat meat, and the second largest exporter of beef and sheep.

  • Servicing industry to provide the skills it needs

    Vocational education and training can benefit many businesses in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, as CEO of IDT Australia Dr Paul MacLeman discovered. It started with a business problem – how can we spend less time re-training people who move between companies in the industry? Dr MacLeman realised nationally recognised training could benefit all businesses across the sector for whom compliance is key – and set about getting his view heard by Government.