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About the AISC

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Posted January 2016

The AISC was established by the COAG Industry and Skills Council in May 2015 to give industry a formal, expanded role in policy direction and decision-making for the vocational education and training sector.

Mr John Pollaers chairs the AISC. Members include industry leaders nominated by Commonwealth and state and territory ministers responsible for skills and training; a peak body representative (rotating between the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group); and two ex-officio members (senior government officials).

For information about current members, see the membership page.

Message from the Chair

The Committee’s achievements throughout 2016 have been underpinned by effective and productive engagement with employers, employees and those who train them.

More than 50 changes to training packages have been approved and we are now focusing on addressing the priority skills needs identified by business and industry.

This underlines our commitment to ensure they play a leading role in addressing skills opportunities and challenges, resulting in a workforce that meets our current and future skills needs.

The result will be enhanced employer and employee confidence in VET qualifications, significantly improving productivity.

This focus means the system we are building is responsive to emerging skills needs, enabling business to:

  • capitalize on advancements in technology
  • keep pace with new ways of working
  • reflect new jobs within the economy, and
  • address security and workplace health and safety risks.

Our close relationship with Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) enables us to identify employers’ needs for skills portability across industries and make it a priority

Their advocacy for an agile system, which facilitates prompt reskilling and upskilling, rather than requiring staff to seek an entire new qualification, has also been heard, as has the need to simplify and demystify the Vocational Education and Training system.

I’d like to thank those whose advice has contributed to our way forward and urge those with relevant experience and expertise to get involved.

John Pollaers.