Public Safety Industry Reference Committee

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IRC membership details are updated each quarter.

The Public Safety IRC is responsible for the national training package qualifications relevant to police, defence, firefighting, fire investigation, emergency services (including operations, response and leadership), disaster recovery, biosecurity, aquatic search and rescue and community safety.

These qualifications are components of the Police, Defence and Public Safety training packages.

The IRC will consult widely during any future training package development process providing opportunity for any interested parties to make a contribution.

Technical Advisory Committees may also be established to inform future work, utilising a broad range of stakeholders with technical and specific industry knowledge.

The Public Safety IRC is supported by the Skills Service Organisation, Australian Industry Standards Limited (AIS). For more information visit AIS.

Further information about the role of IRCs and how they operate can be found in the IRC Operating Framework.

The AISC has approved the following members for the Public Safety IRC:

Category Organisation Representative Member Type Jurisdiction
Employee representative United Firefighters Union (UFU) Ed Starinskas Member VIC
Employee representative Defence Force Welfare Association David  Everitt  Member VIC
Employee representative Police Federation of Australia Mark Burgess Chair  ACT
Employee representative Community and Public Sector Union Neville  Kitchin Member SA
Expertise Emergency Management Carola Washbourne Member VIC
Expertise Volunteer Firefighting Ian Gabites Member TAS
Expertise Aquatic and Marine Search and Rescue( left -redundant) Stephen Leahy Member NSW
Government Department of Agriculture  Clare Hollis Member ACT
Government Department of Defence  Lynda Douglas Deputy Chair ACT
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) Jean Dyzel Member VIC
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Australian Council of State & Territory Emergency Services (ACSES) Paul Wallworth Member VIC
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) Sandra Lunardi Member VIC