First Aid Industry Reference Committee

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IRC membership details are updated each quarter.

The First Aid IRC is responsible for national training package qualifications relevant to Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Basic emergency life support, Provide first aid, Emergency first aid response, Advanced first aid, Advanced resuscitation, and First aid services and resources. These qualifications are included in the HLT Training Package.

The IRC will consult widely during any future training package development process providing opportunity for any interested parties to make a contribution.

Technical Advisory Committees may also be established to inform future work, utilising a broad range of stakeholders with technical and specific industry knowledge.

The First Aid IRC is supported by the Skills Service Organisation, SkillsIQ. For more information visit SkillsIQ.

Further information about the role of IRCs and how they operate can be found in the IRC Operating Framework.

The AISC has approved the following members for the First Aid IRC:

Category Organisation Representative Member Type Jurisdiction
Employee Association Health Services Union (HSU) Leigh Svendsen  Member National
Employer / Enterprise St John Ambulance Australia  Dr Damien Pearce  Member ACT
Employer / Enterprise Paramedical Services Peter Mangles  Member NSW/SA
Employer / Enterprise Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Pamela Simon  Member National/NSW
Employer / Enterprise Australian Red Cross Anthony Cameron  Member National/NSW
Employer / Enterprise Department of Defence Kylie Douglas  Member National/ACT
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. First Aid Industry Alliance  Ray Schroeder  Member NationalNSW
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) Shaun Jackson  Member National/NSW
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. National Institute of First Aid Trainers (NIFAT)  Andy Panes  Chair  National/QLD
RTO Health Services Union (HSU) Phillipa Wilson  Deputy Chair NSW
RTO Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) Kathryn Clews  Member National?WA
RTO TAFE SA (public)  Teresa Hunter  Member South Australia