Agriculture and Production Horticulture Industry Reference Committee

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The Agriculture and Production Horticulture IRC is responsible for national training package qualifications relevant to the production of food and fibre including livestock farming, mixed farming, broadacre cropping, production horticulture, and irrigation, pest management and agricultural support services relating to these industries.

These qualifications are components of the AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package.

The IRC will consult widely during any future training package development process providing opportunity for any interested parties to make a contribution.

Technical Advisory Committees may also be established to inform future work, utilising a broad range of stakeholders with technical and specific industry knowledge.

The Agriculture and Production Horticulture IRC is supported by the Skills Service Organisation, Skills Impact. For more information visit Skills Impact.

Further information about the role of IRCs and how they operate can be found in the IRC Operating Framework.

The AISC has approved the following members for the Agriculture and Production Horticulture IRC:

Category Organisation Representative Member Type Jurisdiction
Employee Association Australian Workers Union Shane Roulstone Member NSW
Industry Expert -  Production Horticulture and Agricultural Chemicals Dianne Fullelove and Associates Pty Ltd Dianne Fullelove Member QLD
Industry Expert - agricultural irrigation Irrigation Australia Limited Geoff Harvey Chair  QLD
Industry Expert - agricultural business practice Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) Gordon Verrall Member WA
Industry Expert - livestock and production horticulture Production Horticulture and Agriculture Jacqueline Heap Member NSW
Industry Expert - livestock and broadacre farming Farmsafe WA / AusChem WA Judi Forsyth Member WA
Industry Expert - livestock-poultry production Victorian Farmers Federation Workplace Relations Committee / VFF Industrial Association Meg Parkinson Member VIC
Industry Expert - livestock and agricultural support services Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Rick Whistler Deputy Chair QLD
Industry Expert - organic farming National Environment Centre, TAFE Region South (Riverina) Rob Fenton  Member NSW
Industry Expert - livestock - dairy production Paynter Farms Ellinbank Ron Paynter Member VIC
Industry Expert - broadacre - cotton and grain   On-Hold Member  
Industry Expert - livestock, broadacre farming and agricultural support services   On-Hold Member  
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. NT Farmers Association Greg Owens Member NT
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Hort Innovation Australia Jay Cummins Member SA
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. Western Australian Farmers Federation John Kargotich Member WA
Peak/Advisory/Assoc. National Farmers' Federation Reginald Kidd Member NSW